Z4 What People Say Old

Pure gold!” …Paul Sutton @FragileAgile

“Highly interactive and engaging activities followed by thought-provking conversations.”Andrew Saeman, Senior Agile Consultant at Centare.

“This is an exciting, eye-opening workshop that provided creative and innovative techniques for coaching teams while assisting participants in developing their Agile network.” …Kathleen Kannan

“This course is about helping individuals, teams, and organizations become more effective. The exercises and discussion with students and instructors let you personalize the material.” … Sellers Smith Dir, Quality Assurance

“A very intense two days, from which you will come away with new tools & insights you can apply in the real world to coach beyond the team.” … Em Campbell-Pretty, Partner, Context Matters

“Excellent for expanding your tool box. Lots of practical experience with using the models and tools.” … Cliff Hazell, Coach

“No better way to start understanding what you see as you work with teams, groups, and organizations. An astonishing amount of insight in two days of interaction.” … Michael Tardiff, Consultant

“If you have a chance to participate in Esther and Don’s workshops, do not hesitate and go for it. The style of learning throughout the workshop was amazing with its simplicity yet undoubtedly difficult to establish in such short period of time that two days gives us. The setup of the physical space not as much as the emotional comfort that their approach just emitted on its own. They have set up the emotional space for us to be as open as possible and vulnerable yet at the same time have the feeling of safety. I have not experienced that style of knowledge sharing/exchange in a long time. So much information was shared and exchanged without the feeling of material heavy session. It was all done through carefully thought out exercises that almost seemed to mask that this was learning and it didn’t feel like a torrent of data poured on my head, even that it was ;)” … Konrad Hajdukiewicz Senior Agile Consultant

“A wonderful experiment-driven experience in understanding social interactions and how to effectively influence their outcome.”  … Michael Schreiber, Senior Software Engineer

* So many tools to use!
* Ways to influence/work with people
* Not about Agile or Scrum 🙂
… Valerie Morris, Agile Coach/Sr Program Mgr